Is it worth it?

In life we often measure our success by comparing it to other people. We look for who is at the top. We often don’t pay attention to how far above in the hierarchy we have come, instead we turn our heads upwards and try desperately to reach the top.

I think we don’t have to fight for number one most of the time in life. You have all heard the phrase: “doesn’t matter what there will always be someone on top of you, ” and you may get super passionate and say that you want to be that person on top, and that if they can do it why not you, and then you may work like crazy to get to the top.

Well it might be very satisfactory to be at that number one spot, but have you ever asked yourself: “Do I really have to be number one? Is it really worth the effort and time?”

If you are better than the majority of people,  you are at that top 20% and happy then it might be enough. You have already achieved what most of the people can’t. You have worked very hard to get to this point, and gained people’s respect. Sure it’s no easy task to get there either. It takes a lot of thinking outside the box, hard work and persistency.  My point is if you are considered one of the top ones that is already very good enough.

If you are already successful and happy, what’s the point of spending your time and effort for the number spot. Just for the feeling, and satisfaction of being number one? It might not be smart. It might just be your biology fooling you into thinking you will achieve something great by getting there. Why not focus on something more important?

It is a long way to get to that top 20% also. Go thrive if you are not there yet.


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