They stop you from reaching your goal.

Have you been in a situation when you feel very motivated and you just can’t wait to work very hard to reach your goal. you can feel yourself almost reaching the goal. You stay focused for a day or two, but then a week passes by, then a month, 5 months and then all of a sudden you realize that you have made no progress.

The big reason for that are bad habits. We all have many damaging habits that stop us from doing what we would actually love to do, and instead waste our time on useless things. For every single person on the planet those habits might be different. For me some of those habits include watching too many useless videos on Youtube, gaming for long periods of time and sometimes just suddenly stopping whatever important work I am doing and walking around at home, here and there, for no actual reason. On top of that just being lazy and wasting my free time at home by just doing useless stuff.

So I have made a decision to get rid of that problem, and from now on try to overcome my bad habits and turn them into good, useful habits. Here is how I will do that. It’s simple: Now that I am aware of the situation, whenever I see my self doing useless things, or I am about to do anything stupid, I will make a mental and physical effort to not do it. That’s it, and by repeating that process, I think I will soon be able to get rid of those habits.

In my first post, when I turned 22 I talked about how I wanted to change my life and become a better person. It’s been almost 3 months since then. I think I have made some progress: I have become more social, started thinking about life differently, started taking more chances in life, have improved my social skills a bit; But I have made no progress in reaching my goal of financial freedom, and I think the reason for that are my bad habits. So from now on I will try to get rid of those habits and focus on my goals only, and I will encourage all of you who’s reading to do the same.

Best of luck to you and me.


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