I turned 22 today. 4 years ago when I was 18 I could not imagine myself being 22. It seemed so far in the future and now thinking about it I cannot grasp my head around how these four years have passed. It was almost like a dream. I cannot remember everything that I have done in those years. When I was 18/19 I thought by the time I would have done great things and specially I would be rich when I get 22 but here I am living off of my mother’s income. Maybe it was my laziness or fate. I think I wasn’t doing enough.

It’s that time again, just like my previous birthdays this time too I made a promise to myself that I will spend this year focused on my goals without wasting any time unlike my past. But there is one thing different about this time. This time I feel like I am almost at the edge of my young years and If I don’t do something now then I will not be able to it later in my life because my only motivation is to live the life I want to live while I am young, even if it’s for one year I just want to be financially free and do whatever I want to do.

So this is it. This time I will try my best and be financially free by the time I am 23. I know it seems impractical to get rich in one year but If I could become capable of just affording my little dreams of buying my own car and travel the world would be enough for me. Having a successful app/business would be a plus, which is one of my bigger goals.

In my past years, the only thing I did that I am proud of is teaching myself web development and some programming which is something I was interested in from a young age. I Have done some small projects for the sake of practice and now I believe I am capable of making fully functional web apps. Currently I am learning app development and introducing myself to machine learning which has been fun but sometimes I have this thing when I feel unmotivated and I think I still have time and I can do it later. Anyways that’s another topic that I will discuss in the future. So using this only set of skills that I have I will try to make my life better and improve as a person as I go.

Arslan Maab


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